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Biper Kumar
Biper Kumar
30. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Roni Kamar
Roni Kamar
30. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Mosaharun Islam
Mosaharun Islam
27. August, 2022.
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Koyel rana
Koyel rana
26. August, 2022.
They are provided best and suppab Interior design service.Absolutely fantastic interior designer company I have ever seen
Biplab Modal
Biplab Modal
22. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Abir Chatterjee
Abir Chatterjee
22. August, 2022.
One of the most popular and best architectural service provider. Very satisfied with their nice service.
Advik Patel
Advik Patel
21. August, 2022.
Best decor for commercial places in the town. Very expert in their work.
Avilasha Joshi
Avilasha Joshi
21. August, 2022.
Very nice service providers. All the staff are very professional.
Md Sabeer
Md Sabeer
20. August, 2022.
A Decor Clan is one of the best decoration service providing clan and i am also using this service and i like this service .
Md Aashif
Md Aashif
20. August, 2022.
A Decar Clan owner is very best service providing related to decoration and all users are very happy to using this service.

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Regardless of whether you’re building a new structure or making modifications to a current one, they will walk you through the concept, budgeting, and building processes. Architects approach both bigger and smaller projects with unbiased and innovative thought.

The more complex aspects of a structure, such as its layout, orientation, materials, etc., are what architects focus on. 

The scale, the materials, the layout, and the method of construction will all influence the cost of constructing a house. The base is the most costly and crucial component of a house.

You may look for an architect on Google by typing “best architects near me”. If you live in Amritsar and are looking for skilled & experienced architects in Amritsar, you may phone your relatives or friends and ask them for advice.

Looking for Best Architect in Amritsar?

Well, the answer is right here! Cultures are important to us at A Decor, and we integrate them into our inventions and creations. We offer all interior design services, including those for homes or offices, and we always do our best. There are numerous architects in Amritsar, but we can tell you that we are the finest since both our operating style & approach are entirely based on the requirements of our clients. We have a reputation for having the natural capacity to conceive and execute any project from beginning to end, offering a concept to deliver the solution through our in-depth knowledge, extensive analysis, and process optimization, along with the skills of a dedicated team.

Our main goal is to comprehend how people use the place so that we may create designs that please them. We build creative and future-ready solutions by drawing on an extensive understanding of human psychology, changing market trends, and cutting-edge technological techniques and methods. We are known as the top architectural firm in Ludhiana, Jalandhar, Amritsar, Moga, and other nearby areas in Punjab. We are committed to offering comprehensive and ecologically friendly design concepts. We also thoroughly understand how the project’s quality, duration, and money are related. To guarantee project delivery as scheduled, we are dedicated. All of our initiatives offer a distinctive aesthetic look that has a light flavour and offers useful theories and solutions.

The project’s lifeblood is the customer. The major objective of our business is to use layout to express the characteristics and uniqueness of our clients. Because of our unwavering commitment to client delight, we are regarded as the top architects in Amritsar.

When you bring us your thoughts, our architects in Amritsar do more than hear you. They comprehend the concept, draw inspiration from it, and translate it into attractive and effective house architecture. If you still need help finding competent Architects in Amritsar, your quest must end here.

Our architects in Amritsar place a strong emphasis on internal and outside aesthetics. We emphasize ensuring the additional value necessary for the customer’s project throughout the idea and execution phases. Your home’s architectural décor will provide essential living comfort with well-lit and comfortable rooms, gorgeous cove patterns, appealing and functional restrooms, and many additional personalized amenities based on your needs. In contrast, the exteriors’ distinctive characteristics will enchant everyone.

Our Process as an Architectural firm in Amritsar

1. Requirement Gathering

As a Top architectural firm in Amritsar, we use an integrated layout approach to ensure that your house is crafted to meet your demands and specifications. The phases in the procedure are as follows:

  • Your family and one of our architects in Amritsar sit down to discuss various questions.
  • How many members will live in the house?
  • How would each person prefer to craft their particular room?
  • How many will older people live there?
  • Do you need any functionality for older people?
  • Do you need any landscaping to be performed?
  • If you prefer your house to be built using Feng Shui principles?

And a lot more.

Using suggestions from your family, we create a checklist that will eventually be transformed into workable architectural desi

2. Building Elevation and Floor Plan

Our architects in Amritsar use the checklist to create the floor plan and exterior while considering any particular needs you may have. These are provided to you, and after receiving your input, they are upgraded. We create stunning and precise 3D drawings to offer you a clear sense of how your property will seem in the future. You can also provide our architects with any input using these graphics. The floor plans and exterior designs our architects in Amritsar created for you are distinct, just as every family and their preferences are.

3. Construction Assistance

Through phone and regular site visits, our architects in Amritsar keep in touch with the project officer of the site and offer them any expert assistance needed throughout the building process.

4. Continued Assessment

You may easily get in touch with our architects in Amritsar via phone or in-person meetings to address any questions you may have about the house project anytime.

Top 7 architectural firm in Amritsar

1. A Decor Clan Architects & Interior Designers

A Decor Clan is a well-respected architectural firm in Ambala, known for transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary ones. Their team of skilled designers caters to both residential and commercial projects, creating havens that reflect your unique style. They prioritize understanding your needs and lifestyle before crafting a meticulous layout, with expertise in everything from paint selection to 3D design. Whether you’re seeking a modern refresh or a traditional touch for your home, office, or store, A Decor Clan can help you achieve your vision.

Call: 9551300008

Services: Architecture, Interior Design, Turkey Execution, Project Consultancy, Bespoke Furniture, Décor


IDEAL ARCH was founded by Ar. Kanwarpreet Singh in 1996. The company has effectively finished over 200 tasks to date. Since its founding, IDEAL ARCH has worked on a wide range of projects in North India, including projects including hotels, institutions, industry, residential buildings, commercial buildings, and retail spaces. They guarantee that your space not only meets but surpasses your expectations with their depth of experience, unique ideas, creative designs, careful observation of detail, inclusive approach, commitment to sustainability, and a history of on-time deliveries.

Call: 098787 15137

Services: Landscape Designer, Interior Design, Architect

3. Kamal Associates

Leading architectural practice in Amritsar, Kamal Associates is led by architect Kamal Kumar. They have a group of knowledgeable individuals working in many architectural fields for many years. All of their architectural needs are met under one roof by this organization. If you’re looking for the greatest architect in Amritsar who can deliver elegance in every detail, your only option is Kamal Associates.

Call:  098888 17860

Services: Civil Construction, Architectural Design, Interior Design, Vastu Consultant

4. ArchiDes

As a leading architectural firm in Amritsar, ArchiDes is committed to giving its customers new insights into what surrounds them by designing spaces that are uplifting. They offer project leadership and oversight, engineering design, and architectural design consulting services. ArchiDes has created apartments, healthcare facilities, office spaces, and business centers with glory, showcasing a wide portfolio. Offering a comprehensive approach to its clients, ArchiDes distinguishes itself via its dedication to providing engineering visualization services, interior design services, organizing projects, and supervision of projects.

Call: 0183 227 4192

Services: Residential and Institutional Architecture, Site Analysis, Project Management, Planning, Interior, Engineering Design Services

5. Rajan Sareen & Associates

One of the top manufacturers of Architecture Interior Designs is Architect Rajan Sareen & Associates. The organization is dedicated to providing top-notch services and specializes in architectural design and planning, guaranteeing ideal outcomes for a wide range of projects. By taking a proactive stance, they stay up to date with emerging technology in the field and gradually improve their design abilities. Architect Rajan Sareen & Associates takes satisfaction in carrying out projects according to the finalized blueprints, drawings, and plans with great attention to detail. They stand out for their dedication to bringing forth original and unique concepts that materialize visions.

Call: 99140 69980

Services: Residential Construction, Building, Urban and Regional Planners, Old Town Refurbishment, Interior, Landscaping

6. Sachin Arora Architects

One of the top architectural firms in Amritsar, Sachin Arora Architects, is well-known for its outstanding design skills. It has completed over 1000 projects with an incredible rate of success. The company’s strength is its partnerships with a range of specialists, which allow them to provide their valued clients with the best possible solutions. Sachin Arora Architects is known for their dedication to bespoke perfection. They make sure that every building is distinct and reflects the creative energy that permeates all of their projects. The company provides a wide range of architectural designs and drawings that precisely reflect the goals of its clients. Known for its creative designs, Sachin Arora Architects offers economical, on-budget solutions without sacrificing quality.

Call: 98728 51686

Services: Landscape and Vaastu Consultant, Architectural and Civil Consultancy, Engineers, Innovative Designs, Planners, Urban Planning, Corporation

7. Concept Architects

Amritsar-based Concept Architects creates concept spaces with a well-balanced mix of contemporary and sustainable fixtures to achieve a distinct atmosphere, harmony, and ora to meet project specifications. Their concept-driven interior and architectural designs lend a special touch to the project by incorporating all the beautiful nuances of color, texture, and shadowy light.

Their passion lies in designing elegant, creative, and useful environments. Their enthusiastic designers have an established history of successfully completing ambitious and acceptable ideas.

Call: 0183 250 3715

Services: Architectural Design, Interior Designing, Interior Decoration, Turnkey Execution

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