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Biper Kumar
Biper Kumar
30. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Roni Kamar
Roni Kamar
30. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Mosaharun Islam
Mosaharun Islam
27. August, 2022.
This this clineck is very very important because this doctor is very very beautiful and important I like this doctor this shop place is very nice I hope you go this place
Koyel rana
Koyel rana
26. August, 2022.
They are provided best and suppab Interior design service.Absolutely fantastic interior designer company I have ever seen
Biplab Modal
Biplab Modal
22. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Abir Chatterjee
Abir Chatterjee
22. August, 2022.
One of the most popular and best architectural service provider. Very satisfied with their nice service.
Advik Patel
Advik Patel
21. August, 2022.
Best decor for commercial places in the town. Very expert in their work.
Avilasha Joshi
Avilasha Joshi
21. August, 2022.
Very nice service providers. All the staff are very professional.
Md Sabeer
Md Sabeer
20. August, 2022.
A Decor Clan is one of the best decoration service providing clan and i am also using this service and i like this service .
Md Aashif
Md Aashif
20. August, 2022.
A Decar Clan owner is very best service providing related to decoration and all users are very happy to using this service.

Gallery- interior design work in Punjab

Interior designers are the artisans of modern home design. They’re in charge of creating a home from scratch. They can make a small space look huge, they know how to balance colours and textures, and they can transform the mundane into something special. They design and style homes for a living, so they’re experts at creating a comfortable, beautiful environment. Interior designers are constantly striving to create the perfect living space. For instance, if you want to create a home that’s bright and airy, an interior designer will create a space that is welcoming, spacious, and filled with natural light.

A Decor Clan is the place to go if you’re looking for the most outstanding interior designers in Punjab. Our company’s interior design and implementation include creativity, freshness, and liveliness. We design, build and integrate luxury home interiors to our customers’ satisfaction. Consequently, a home’s primary area can be transformed into an incredibly contemporary, creative, and trendy house.

Our Top Interior Designers in Punjab

A Decor Clan has the most experienced project supervisors, competent builders, skilled furniture manufacturers, and professional architects in Punjab, with deep knowledge and broad experience, which enable us to execute your projects on time and within your budget. We will help you create the wonderful home that you’ve always wanted.

Our interior designers are known for their expertise in home design, decorating, and home renovation. They are known for their creativity and ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. They’re well-versed in interior design, and they can help you design a unique and one-of-a-kind home.

Why Choose A Decor Clan for Home Interiors in Punjab

In the field of architectural and home interior designers in Punjab, A Decor Clan is the frontrunner in advancement, elegance, and longevity. We are a renowned interior design company that provides services for residential, commercial, and institutional spaces. We have the experience and expertise to make your home look extraordinary.

We distinguish ourselves from other interior designers in Punjab because of our extensive knowledge of architecture and the use of creative, functional, and interactive ideas in design. Our architectural skills allow us to handle all aspects of the interior designing process in a sensible manner. From area planning, lighting, furnishing designs, and patterns to supported material selection, house interiors distinctive to their homeowners are encouraged. A Decor Clan Design commits to delivering exceptional, cozy, and unique home and commercial interiors that reflect the homeowners’ personality.

Our Approach as the best interior designers in Punjab

The foremost strategy is to create a wholly distinctive vision for each interior architecture service in Punjab without undermining quality norms and cooperating with customers. And pay attention closely to their most treasured hopes and aspirations to implement new concepts and assist them in achieving their project aims with outlooks they may not have previously considered.

This approach has reinforced A Decor Clan standing as the best interior designer in Punjab. Our clients benefit from a personalised service environment and a staff that is open to suggestions and has an efficient and feasible approach to design, implementation, and delivery.

Our Success

A Decor Clan’s success as one of the best interior designers in Punjab is because old methods or ideologies do not confine us. At the same time, our designers, architects, and other professionals are all very research-oriented and dedicated to maintaining reliability, quality control, and advancement. This allows us to be fluid and versatile when it comes to projects that differ enormously according to our client’s needs and the type of the projects, whether it’s a residential or commercial interior design. A Decor Clan’s success as a prominent interior design firm in Punjab is mainly due to site-specific design, furnishings, and materials.

If you have a question about where to find the best interior designer near me in Punjab, contact us, and we will be happy to help you with your interior design needs.

For more detailsplease visit our interior design portfolio page or contact us.


In Punjab, interior designers aren’t just about making spaces look pretty. They’re like the architects of ambiance, crafting an atmosphere that suits your taste and lifestyle. From picking the right colour palette to selecting furniture that vibes with your personality, they’ve got it covered. Need help arranging that mismatched furniture you inherited? They have got a knack for that too. Basically, if it involves making your space look and feel good, Punjab’s interior designers are on it.

Absolutely! Punjab’s interior designers aren’t size-ists. They have got tricks up their sleeves for your living room which might be a cosy corner or a pocket-sized paradise. They can magically maximize your space, finding furniture that’s functional yet fabulous. No need to worry about feeling cramped; they’re experts at turning small into chic. So, if you’re in Punjab and living small, consider your space dilemmas solved.

Picture this: you’re about to hand over the keys to your space, and you want to know your designer’s vibe, right? Good news – many interior designers in Punjab offer a sneak peek into their creative universe. You have the opportunity to examine their prior work to determine whether their aesthetic fits with your goals. It’s like window shopping for design. So, before you dive into the design adventure, take a stroll through their portfolio. It’s like getting a trailer before the main feature.

Patience is a virtue, yet good design takes time. The timeline is determined by the complexity of your space and the speed with which you make decisions. If you’re quick with choices, they can whip up a design plan faster than you can say “interior makeover.” But remember, rushing art is like microwaving a gourmet meal – not recommended. Therefore, they won’t cut corners even though they won’t keep you waiting interminably. Quality over quick fixes is the name of the game in Punjab.

These wizards of design in Punjab don’t discriminate – they sprinkle their magic in all sorts of spaces. They are game for the task, whether it is a small flat, a large house or even an oddball workplace. From bedrooms that feel like a warm hug to offices that scream productivity, they’ve got the knack for transforming spaces. It isn’t simply about making them look nice.It is about making them uniquely yours. So, if you have got a space, they have got the vision to make it extraordinary.

Quick overview of Top 9 Best Interior Designers in Punjab

Name Address Phone No. Services
A Decor Clan
99, Panchsheel Vihar, Phase 3
Ludhiana, Punjab 141012
Interior Designing, Architecture, Home renovation,
Home Construction, Turnkey projects, Vastu Consultation
Office no. 432, 4th Floor, Angel Mega Mall,
Kaushambi, Ghaziabad- 201010
+91 9899827210
Interior Design, Construction, and Space Planning
Office- #15, Opposite Dadoo Dairy, M.S.
Enclave, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab
Interior Designing, Residential and commercial architecture,
Home construction
B-23, 1702/1 Link Road, Near Cheema
Chowk, Ludhiana, Punjab 141003
094177 41779
Architecture, Home renovation, Interior Deigning,
Vastu Consultation
SCO 15, Old Ambala Road, Saraswati Vihar,
Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab.
098722 26161
Residential Construction and Renovation
1513 , JLPL Industrial Estate Mohali
093160 87466
Builders, Vaastu Consultant, Interior Decorators,
Architects, Real Estate Agents
57-B,Highland Park Greens, Highland Marg,
Patiala-Highway, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603
090418 48022
Interior Design , Architects
Office 102, First Floor, Canam Plaza, SCO-46,
Sector 11, Panchkula, Haryana, 34112, India
098772 52602
Residential Construction and Renovation
3rd floor, Plot 403 ,Sector 82, JLPL, Industrial Area
SAS Nagar, 140308
098153 04250
Residential and Commercial Interior Designing,
Home Construction and Renovation

Best Interior designers in Punjab

A Decor Clan

A Decor Clan, a renowned interior design company, boasts the best team of interior designers in Punjab. With their exceptional creativity and expertise, they have transformed countless spaces into stunning and functional masterpieces. These designers have an eye for detail, ensuring that every element of a room harmonizes perfectly. Their ability to translate clients’ visions into reality sets them apart. Armed with a vast knowledge of the latest design trends and materials, A Decor Clan’s team will transform any space into a dream come true. Whether it’s a residential or commercial project, their designers will exceed expectations and create a space that reflects individual style and personality.

Services: Interior Designing, Architecture, Home renovation, Home Construction, Turnkey projects, Vastu Consultation

Call: 9551300008

3D Imaginary

Among the top interior designers in Punjab, 3D Imaginary fulfills the demands of clients with their designs. They are there to take care of all of your design requirements without causing you any trouble at all. Numerous services related to interior design are provided by 3D Imaginary for homes, residences, showrooms, restaurants, and any other desirable areas you may visualize.

Some people might want it to be plain and classy, while others might want it to be vibrant and loud. You don’t need to search any farther if you’re looking for the top services accessible in the market—just get in touch with them.

The most renowned architectural studio in Punjab is Design De Maison. They have grown their business so rapidly throughout the tri-city.

Services: Interior Design, Construction, and Space Planning

Call: +91 9899827210

Design De Masion

Design De Masion Firm makes sure to consider your own preferences while creating your home. Since no two persons are same and can have the same design, they provide each client with a unique design. It is imperative that Design De Maison emphasize geometric patterns because they are a key element that complements their structure the finest.

Services: Interior Designing, Residential and commercial architecture, Home construction

Call: +917837232915

Neev Pathar

Through the integration of the ancient science of Vastu Shastra with site-adaptive design, they create settings that you will want to inhabit and be a part of. Along with architectural design services, they provide vastu consultation, exterior and interior design, remodeling, and refurbishing. They offer “design-build” projects, which blend architectural and structural elements. They also offer “turn key” projects that are ready for habitation or sale.

Services: Architecture, Home renovation, Interior Deigning, Vastu Consultation

 Call; 094177 41779

Luthra Interiors

Luthra Interiors, one of the best interior design firms in Punjab, has been in business for 25 years and employs a skilled group of craftsmen who have a wealth of experience and are committed to creating beautiful interiors, from bedrooms to boardrooms. Their main objective is to design smart spaces for their clients that are visually striking and visually appealing, but also incredibly practical and reasonably priced. Their interior design concepts are the perfect balance of originality, practicality, and aesthetic.

Services: Residential Construction and Renovation

Call: 098722 26161

The Design Store

The surfaces that are delivered by The Design Store have been carefully chosen for their visual attractiveness. Every surface was picked for its amazing appearance and functionality. They provide surfaces in an assortment of colors, patterns, and dimensions. With a focus on both modern and traditional design, TDS has expanded its collections by including some of the newest and most innovative items. This area’s coordinating collections can be tailored to fit any environment or occasion.

Services: Builders, Vaastu Consultant, Interior Decorators, Architects, Real Estate Agents

Call: 093160 87466

Shell Design Works

Shell Design Works is a visualisation company that specializes in exterior and interior design, photorealistic 3D renderings, and 2D and 3D graphic design. Shell Design Works has completed thousands of projects worldwide since its founding three years ago.

By giving architects, real estate brokers, and property developers top-notch 3D renderings at competitive prices in the shortest amount of time, they aim to deliver the most value to these professionals. Get in contact with them to see your desired design realized in a photorealistic depiction.

Services: Interior Design , Architects

Call: 090418 48022


In Punjab, Aayam is a renowned name among interior designers. Their staff has years of experience creating fascinating and useful environments.  Aayam started with the architecture of residences, commercial buildings, and interiors in almost every category because she had expertise working on an array of projects. They are now engaged in significant initiatives and are progressing toward their esteemed clients’ goals.

Services: Residential Construction and Renovation

Call: 098772 52602

Renu Soni

Renu is renowned in the field of interior design for her extraordinary talent and lively demeanor. Thanks to her rigorous attention to detail, she is talented at choosing both soft and hard surfaces and in creating unique yet exquisite residential spaces as well as practical and well-lit commercial spaces. Renu possesses the abilities and know-how required to transform an ordinary space into a stylish and lovely setting.

Services: Residential and Commercial Interior Designing, Home Construction and Renovation

Call: 098153 04250

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