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Top 10 stylish and modern dressing table designs for your home

The perfect dressing table is essential for your bedroom area because it is a significant piece of furniture that can enhance your room’s interior décor and beauty. The majority of ladies would agree that a dressing table completes a bedroom. A bedroom without a quality dressing table designs is sorely empty for both females and males. When you choose a stylish and modern dressing table design for your bedroom, you will need to select one made with quality materials and details, such as a good base and sturdy structure. The best part about a good dressing table design is that it will allow you to get ready quickly in the morning.

You can use this furniture to put on your makeup, brush your hair, clothes, and apply your perfume. In addition, there are many stylish and modern dressing table designs in the market that you can choose from. So, if you are planning to buy one for your house, no matter how big or small (even if you are looking for interior design ideas for small house) then here are some of the top stylish and modern dressing table designs ideas you can consider.

Latest dressing table designs in India:

1. Modern Wooden Dressing Table with mirror

If you want to incorporate a modern look into your bedroom, you can opt for a modern wooden dressing table with a mirror. This kind of dressing table designs will add a sense of sophistication and luxury to your bedroom. It has a wooden base and mirror placed on top of it. The modern and latest wooden dressing table design is made with a sleek and simple design that will match the overall décor of your bedroom.

Wooden furniture always play a key role in making a good appearance in your home. Weather it is wooden sofa set, wooden coffee table, wooden dining table, or a wooden dressing table it is always a great furniture choice.  It’s a brilliant choice for those who prefer a contemporary look. It will be a perfect addition to your bedroom because it will make the room look spacious and airy.

2. Beautiful Full-length mirror dressing table

This is another one of the most common dressing table designs because it is very functional and elegant. The full-length mirror dressing table will create the illusion of more space in your bedroom. On the other hand, this design will also make you feel comfortable because you can easily use the mirror to check your complete appearance. The design of this dressing table is made with a full-length mirror and a dressing table with drawers. You can also add storage shelves and other decorative details to make the dressing table look elegant.

3. Stylish closet dressing table

If you have limited space for your bedroom, you can consider this design because it is small. This style is ideal for people who don’t have a massive area in their bedrooms. It can be used as a closet, and it is easy to access because it has a drawstring that can be opened.

4. Designer double vanity dressing table

This design has a double vanity dressing table. It is a classic design that is known for its simplicity and quality. Wood, metal, or a mixture of these components can be used to create this style. It can also be designed in different types, such as modern, contemporary, traditional, and so on. This dressing table design has two drawers and two cupboards. If you have a small bedroom, then a double vanity dressing table is the best design. It is very functional because it allows you to store your makeup, brushes, and other beauty products in the two vanity cabinets.

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5. Elegant round dressing table design

This is among the most popular dressing table designs. It has a smooth, sleek appearance. It is easy to clean and maintain. The design is also versatile. It’s simple to keep spotless and manage. The style is very adaptable. It can be used as a nightstand, a desk, or a dressing table. You could also mix and match it with other design components to create a distinct and customized effect.

The round design of the dressing table is beautiful and will fit into almost any bedroom design. This design will provide you with a high-quality table that withstands an extended period. Choose a round table design with a circular top if you desire to employ the dressing table as a side table. Furthermore, it is ideal for your bathroom too.

6. Wardrobe with Dressing table

If you want to have a dressing table with storage space, wardrobe with dressing table is a good idea. Among the most prominent dressing table designs is modern wardrobe with dressing table designs for bedroom. It is made with a large wardrobe on the top and a dressing table below it. The dressing table and the closet have the same height, and the only difference is that the cupboard is wider than the dressing table. The most beautiful thing about such designer and stylish wardrobe with dressing table is that it can fit well in small spaces and be placed in any room of your house.

7. Dressing table with stools

Dressing table with stools is one of the best designs. This design is a perfect combination of a dressing table and stools. These stools are designed to put your makeup and other accessories conveniently. It will also allow you to use the dressing table as a mirror when getting ready. You can also use the stools as a table if you need to wear your shoes and Jewellery.

8. Unique wall mounted dressing table

This design is best for those who prefer to keep their dressing table on the wall. It has a built-in mirror, and you can also get a mirror frame for this style. It can be an excellent choice for those who have limited space.

This dressing table design can be used as a standalone piece of furniture, or it can be used as a side table. The wall-mounted dressing table can be an excellent option for those looking for a unique design that they can use in their bedroom.

9. Simple freestanding dressing table

This is one of the another type of dressing table designs that you can use for your bedroom. And it is one of the most popular designs in the market. This style is relatively simple to put all together. You need to screw the legs and the top frame together, and you can have a functional dressing table that you can use in your bedroom. However, if you want to buy a freestanding dressing table, you should choose a style that will not make the room too crowded.

10. Latest storage spacious Dressing table 

This is one of the best type of dressing table designs on the market. It is designed with ample storage space under the top frame. So, you will have a lot of room to store your cosmetics, perfumes, and other items. This kind of design has storage drawers located under the top frame.


This was a list of some best stylish and modern dressing tables. You can choose from a variety of additional dressing table designs. However, these ten stylish and modern dressing table designs are the most outstanding options for your bedroom. So, if you are looking for a unique dressing table design, you should choose one of these designs or you can contact to any of the best architects for more interior designing ideas.