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Biper Kumar
Biper Kumar
30. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Roni Kamar
Roni Kamar
30. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Mosaharun Islam
Mosaharun Islam
27. August, 2022.
This this clineck is very very important because this doctor is very very beautiful and important I like this doctor this shop place is very nice I hope you go this place
Koyel rana
Koyel rana
26. August, 2022.
They are provided best and suppab Interior design service.Absolutely fantastic interior designer company I have ever seen
Biplab Modal
Biplab Modal
22. August, 2022.
Best and very professional architectural service which provide very excellent service.
Abir Chatterjee
Abir Chatterjee
22. August, 2022.
One of the most popular and best architectural service provider. Very satisfied with their nice service.
Advik Patel
Advik Patel
21. August, 2022.
Best decor for commercial places in the town. Very expert in their work.
Avilasha Joshi
Avilasha Joshi
21. August, 2022.
Very nice service providers. All the staff are very professional.
Md Sabeer
Md Sabeer
20. August, 2022.
A Decor Clan is one of the best decoration service providing clan and i am also using this service and i like this service .
Md Aashif
Md Aashif
20. August, 2022.
A Decar Clan owner is very best service providing related to decoration and all users are very happy to using this service.


Interior design is the art of creating the look and feel of a space. Architecture is the planning, designing, and construction of buildings.

Hiring an architect can be like stepping into a mysterious and intriguing maze. The cost? Equally enigmatic. But fear not, fellow building enthusiast! Here’s a breakdown to shed light on this aspect.

  • Project Scope Matters: Architects aren’t one-size-fits-all. Their fees depend on the complexity of your project. A basic home renovation will cost less than building a sprawling mansion.
  • Percentage Play or Flat Fee: Architects can charge a percentage of the total construction cost (typically 8-15%). Alternatively, they might offer a flat fee for specific services. Discuss this upfront to avoid surprises.
  • Location Influences Price: Big city architects often command higher fees compared to their rural counterparts. It’s a balancing act of experience and demand.
  • The Service Spectrum: Architects offer a range of services. Do you need them for the entire project, or just the initial design phase? Opting for a limited scope reduces the cost.

You can search online for an architect, For example, if you are living in Jalandhar and seeking professional & experienced architects in Jalandhar, you can call your family or friends to ask if they have any recommendations.

When you’re choosing your architect, you should have a clear idea of what you want. That way, you will know what kind of design you want and how you want it to look.

You can do a little research on the architecture firm in Jalandhar and find out what his or her experience is. You can also find out how many projects he or she has completed and how many rooms he or she has designed.

It depends on what kind of house you want. If you want a small house, it will probably take a few weeks. If you want a large house, it might take a year or two.

Architect fees can vary depending on project complexity, size and location. Think of it like a chef’s menu – a small kitchen reno will cost less than a sprawling mansion. The most common pricing structures are:

  • Percentage of Project Cost: This falls between 6-15% of the total construction budget.
  • Fixed Fee: A pre-determined flat rate agreed upon before the project starts.
  • Hourly Rate: Ideal for smaller projects where the scope is well-defined.

Think of architects as your building dream weavers. They don’t just craft blueprints; they offer a bouquet of services. Here are some key ones:

  • Space Planning: They create layouts that maximize functionality and flow, ensuring your home feels comfortable and efficient.
  • Design Expertise: They bring their creative vision to the table, translating your ideas into stunning and functional spaces.
  • Building Code Compliance: They ensure your project adheres to all safety and zoning regulations, saving you from future headaches.
  • Project Management: They can oversee the entire construction process, keeping things on track and within budget.

One of the many hats that a modern architect wears is that of a sustainability advocate.

  • Energy Efficiency Reigns Supreme: Using environmentally friendly materials, natural light, and ventilation are top priorities for architects. Both the environmental effect and your future energy costs are reduced by doing this.
  • Water Conservation Through Design: Rainwater harvesting systems or water-saving fixtures may be incorporated to lessen the strain on precious water resources.
  • Material Marvels: Sustainable materials, such as recycled content or locally sourced wood, become the building blocks, minimizing the project’s environmental footprint.
  • Nature as a Guide: Architects might seamlessly integrate natural elements like green roofs or strategically placed trees, fostering a harmonious blend between the built environment and the surrounding ecosystem.

Absolutely! Architects bring their expertise to renovation projects as well. They can:

  • Evaluate existing structures: Identify potential problems and assess the feasibility of your renovation ideas.
  • Craft a cohesive design: Ensure the new additions seamlessly blend with the existing structure.
  • Navigate permits and regulations: Guide you through the legalities of renovating your property.

You can follow the following tips to find a perfect architect for your project:

  • Do your research: Look for architects with experience in projects similar to yours.
  • Portfolio power: Review their past work to see if their style aligns with your vision.
  • Communication is key: Schedule consultations with a few shortlisted architects. See who you connect with best and whose communication style feels comfortable.


Architects are experts in designing and building homes. They do a lot of thinking about design, function, form, and how to make a home that looks pretty but is also sturdy and useful. A good architect needs to be able to visualize the whole thing before they even start designing it. Therefore, they have to be able to envision the home they are going to design in their mind before they even begin the actual design process. Indeed, you will not want to choose an architect that is not good at what they do. This will only end up costing you more money in the long run.

A Decor Clan is one of the best Architects in Jalandhar who helps you design a modern and traditional home, elegant and functional. We are the best in our field and have a good reputation for making both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound homes.


Architects design have always been fascinated with their ability to create. This makes sense because they spend so much time in planning and designing buildings. Their profession is always evolving. It’s about constantly changing, updating, and refining. It’s all about being creative. A Decor Clan is a well-known designer architect in Jalandhar who is always looking for new ways to make their clients’ homes look better. Clients usually come to us when they want to do a home renovation in Jalandhar or build a new house. Our architectural designs are always unique, considering what our clients want.

We have a team of well-trained, skilled & top architects in Jalandhar who can help you with every aspect of your design project, whether it be construction, interior design, or landscaping. At A Decor Clan, we work closely with each other and our clients to ensure that our work comes out the way we want it. We have the experience to help you come up with the idea that suits your needs. We can take that idea and turn it into reality.



No architectural design is complete without a thorough and meticulous interior design. Our goal is to deliver the most aesthetically beautiful and functional interiors possible.


We aim to make your home more comfortable and secure. With our architectural designs and building plans, you can get everything that you need for your new home.


We understand the complexities involved in managing a project and have developed in-house processes to ensure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.


Our team of top architects in Jalandhar have extensive domain knowledge and expertise that enable us to create the most detailed designs and hyper-realistic renderings.


We feel that every home should incorporate the Human X Natural design, hence our designs reflect this belief. Designs that inspire and motivate.


You are probably aware that architects are artistic experts who develop and build buildings and other structures, so impacting the actual surroundings in which we live. They have in-depth knowledge of the technological, operational, and aesthetic elements required to design environments that are secured, useful, and aesthetically pleasing. Home architects essentially combine their technical expertise, creative flare, and problem-solving abilities to influence the built environment and create environments that inspire, involve and enhance the quality of life for people of all ages. Here is a list of some of their duties and jobs so you can understand what they are like.

  • One of the more crucial things that architects need to consider is working with clients. working together with the customer to discuss all the specifics of the job at hand and to generate ideas and layouts. This is one of the most important factors that sort of dictates the outcome of the project.
  • These professionals are renowned for using their knowledge to tackle challenging design issues and come up with creative fixes that strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality. To explain their concepts to each and every one of their clients, they must provide intricate designs, sketches, and illustrations.
  • Working closely with technicians, contractors, and construction teams during the building process is another one of their responsibilities. This is to guarantee that the design is carried out exactly as intended.
  • A further crucial consideration for the architects is overseeing the operations. They take on all operational duties here, including building, supplying, budgeting, and making repairs and renovations.
  • Architects must consider both comprehending and meeting the needs of their clients through their suppliers. The project’s overall development depends critically on both parties working together and meeting their needs.
  • Lastly, the final skill that house architects are recognized for is realizing their plans. The project takes off once everyone has considered their combined roles and responsibilities.


The architectural firm A Decor Clan specializes in developing various architectural projects ranging from homes to commercial and educational buildings and provides the best services of architects & interior designers in Jalandhar to all our clients. We are also well-known for our high-quality and professional services. Our team of designer architects in Jalandhar is highly skilled and professional. They have many years of experience and have worked with many different clients. They can work well under pressure and make a house look as beautiful as possible.

We have all the latest architectural designs that we have planned to make your home look as beautiful as possible and suitable for every kind of home. Our designs are simple, modern, and elegant. We have an excellent track record of working with clients and making their homes look good.

We can help you get started on your home design project. Whether it’s a home renovation or adding a room to your existing house, we have a solution for you. We can also help you determine if you need a different type of home than what you currently own. Our services include everything from kitchen renovations to home additions like stylish dressing table designs, false ceiling designs, wooden coffee tables, wooden sofa set designs to building a custom home.

The exemplary architecture firm will be able to work with you and design your home to suit your style and needs. Our architects in Jalandhar are creative and are always open to new and modern ways of building. So, When you choose good architects in Jalandhar, you have to make sure that you have chosen a reliable, efficient, and affordable professional firm. A Decor Clan is the right choice for you. Indeed, we are a well-known and leading firm in Jalandhar for providing the best architecture solutions to customers. We aim to ensure that you end up with something that will look great for years to come. We guarantee that all of our work is done to your specifications, so there’s no guesswork. You can count on us to give you high-quality, creative, affordable home-building solutions every step.

We have been serving the Jalandhar, Ludhiana, Ambala, Chandigarh, Gurgaon, and nearby areas. Please get in touch with us or visit our portfolio page for more details about our services.



A Decor Clan tops the list of best architects in Jalandhar. The company has been making great achievements with its interior design and architecture expertise, house decorating, and design. The architects at A Decor Clan have the expertise and knowledge to provide solutions to the most complex architectural projects. The company has a strong team of interior designers and architects and can provide creative and innovative solutions for all residential and commercial projects.

Services: Architecture, Interior Designing, Home Renovation, Furnishings, Exterior Designing.

Phone: 9551300008


23DC Architects have a talented team of architects, designers, and visualizes. They relish the opportunity to team up and see ideas come to life. A design studio centered on shared objectives for architecture. They are a group wholly committed to imagining structures and areas. They know the many project phases and journey touch points required to transform an architect’s vision into something that can be marketed because they are industry specialists.

Services: Architecture, Housing, Residential, Commercial, Interior.

Phone: 099145 11480


At OC9 Architects, they mold your buildings, which mold your social position! Your building will take on the striking appearance you want it to have as each brick is added. Are you ready to start your next construction project, whether it’s for your perfect residence, establishment, business, or housing project? OC9 Architects are here to help you create a modern yet practical design meeting the official architectural requirements.

Services: Architecture, Housing, Residential, Interior, Exterior.

Call: 090417 59784


Habitat Designers has provided their clients with innovative design ideas and friendly, supportive assistance for over 28 years. Architect Gagan’s Habitat Designers, an architectural and interior design firm in Jalandhar, Punjab, offers a wide range of services in developing and implementing architectural interior design concepts.

Services: Architecture, Interior Designing, Furnishings, Home Renovation

Call: 074000 00005


Modern Architect is well known as the best Architect in Jalandhar, Punjab. Modern Architects is a highly creative, design-led practice built on connections and collaboration. They offer the finest interiors, landscape architecture, and urban design. Modern Architecture is also available for interior and exterior project design.

Services: Architectural Designing, Interior Designing, Home Renovation, Commercial Designing, etc.

Call: 098155 44356


Ar Lalit K. Verma and Ar Vijay K. Verma must be skilled in complex negotiation and public relations tasks to gain project acceptance and support. Ar Lalit K. Verma enjoys learning about new materials and architectural forms as well as the development of creative design. Economical and efficient in terms of energy designs are very important to him.

Services: Interior Designing, Home Decorating, Architectural Energy Efficient Designing, etc.

Call: 06384475188


3D Future, established in 2016, is a leading and fully integrated architecture design firm that offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing all aspects of architecture and interior design. With a keen focus on merging innovative design choices with customer feedback, 3D Future aims to create spaces that truly resonate with their clients.

Services: 3D Rendering, Interior Decorating, Architecture, Home Renovation, etc.

Call: 084273 84169


5 Elements, a prominent architectural firm based in Jalandhar, has established itself as one of the best in the region. With their exceptional architectural expertise and innovative approach, they are renowned for creating remarkable and functional spaces. The team at 5 Elements possesses a deep understanding of architectural principles, sustainability, and modern design trends.

Services: Interior Decorating, Architecture Design, Home Renovation, Furnishings etc.

Call: 09780000590


One of the top architectural design firms in Jalandhar, Vastu Shilp Architects focuses on interior design, architecture, and urban design. The company has effectively incorporated itself into project management and premium property development over the course of many years, solidifying its position as a premier design brand. Vastu Shilp Architects offers a range of comprehensive professional services to the customer and end-user with this broad capability. Vastu Shilp Architects’ fundamental skills are founded on our staff’s extensive experience and our creative, function-driven design process. The company has created and implemented architectural and interior design projects in a variety of settings, including department stores, movie theaters, corporate offices, and residential developments as well as hospitals and educational facilities.

Services: Commercial Architect, Residential Architects, Turnkey projects

Call: 093572 00775


One of the greatest architects in Jalandhar is AIDE(ARCHITECTS) AR. AMIT KHURANA. They offer the greatest services. Among the services they offer is architectural design. Commercial architects, landscapers, interior decorators, and interior designers. They use cutting-edge technology to create original designs. The employees of this company are kind, hardworking, and have a lot of expertise.

Services: Architectural Designing Services, Interior Designers,  Interior Decorators, Landscape Gardening, Commercial Architects

Call: 098141 60848


Established in 2012, Absolute Space is an architectural firm based in Jalandhar, India. The firm offers comprehensive architectural and building solutions to meet the needs of its clients both locally and internationally. The organization’s primary goal is to guarantee that customers are as satisfied as possible and that all necessary measures have been taken to ensure this. The diverse professionals and expertise from different fields make up their team.

Services: Interior Designers, Interior Decorators, Commercial Architects

Call: 099158 46746

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